We dream of a church where the ultimate authority is God’s Word; where it is the manual for life and wisdom; where it is taught creatively and with relevance; where it is studied with expectation, heard with anticipation, and applied with passion by children, youth and adults.

We dream of a church that is led by leaders of character and courage; where ministry areas pursue exponential, yet meaningful growth at all levels; where the leaders continuously renew their commitment to guide as shepherds and serve the flock as servants, not stars.

We dream of a church where every member is fully known and fully loved. Where every member is connected to a smaller group of like-minded friends who experience authentic community and love and wholeheartedly pursue the imitation of Christ.

We dream of a church where men and women understand their divine design and operate according to the power given to them by the Holy Spirit and take the initiative to grow in Biblical wisdom and intimacy with Christ.

We dream of a church where no family stands alone. We see husbands being strong spiritual leaders in their homes and wives joining them in partnership to seek and accomplish God’s purposes for their families. We see parents raising their children in loving and disciplined environments while they nurture them to discover and fulfill their God-given assignments. We see the church partnering with parents to create a safe, nurturing environment that provides spiritual, academic, physical, and emotional development for children and youth.

We dream of a church where creativity and innovation are the norm. Where the arts are celebrated and where artists are encouraged to use their gifts for God’s Kingdom.

We dream of a church filled with members who are equipped, empowered and boldly engaged in building a prevailing ministry that transforms not only the lives of adults, youth and children within the church but also the communities that surround the church.

We dream of a church where no single stands alone; where singles understand that they are uniquely called of God during this season to prioritize His kingdom program and use their gifts and talents to maximize the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

We dream of a church where city leaders value the church’s friendship and participation in affecting the community – even asking for it. Where the community is genuinely thankful for the church’s presence and where the community actually changes because of it.

We dream of a church where individuals, once cynical toward Christianity, embrace authentic relationships with Christ, experience meaningful God-centered worship and serve sacrificially with gratitude to expand God’s Kingdom.

We dream of a church where the racial and cultural make-up of the church looks like that of the community. Where all ethnic groups are welcomed and embraced. Where cultural and ethnic diversity is practiced and visibly evident – not just talked about. Where partiality is not tolerated but oneness, as the body of Christ, is the norm.

We dream of a church where growth is not only welcomed, but is anticipated as the norm. Where the heartbeat of every person is for touching lives through outreach and inclusion.